Monday, May 12, 2008

The Adventures of Batman & Robin

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  • Batman: the Animated Series was renewed for a fourth season, but the producers decided to change the focus of the series to feature the partnership between Batman and his young sidekick, Robin.

    In addition to these changes, which was to connect with a younger audience, new villains were introduced. Bane, Baby-Doll and the Terrible Trio all made their debuts in this series as well as the return of most of Batman's Rogues Gallery.

    The Adventures of Batman and Robin ran for two seasons on FOX from 1994 to 1995.

    Main Cast

    Batman - Kevin Conroy
    Robin - Loren Lester
    Alfred Pennyworth - Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.


    Batgirl - Melissa Gilbert
    Commissioner Jim Gordon - Bob Hastings
    Harvey Bullock - Robert Constanzo
    Jonah Hex - William McKinney
    Leslie Thomkins - Diana Muldaur
    Lucious Fox - Brock Peters
    ReneƩ Montoya - Liane Schirmer
    Summer Gleeson - Mari Devon

    Baby Doll - Alison LaPlacia
    Bane - Henry Silva
    Catwoman - Adrienne Barbeau
    Clayface - Ron Pearlman
    Clock King - Alan Rachins
    Harley Quinn - Arleen Sorkin
    Joker - Mark Hamill
    Killer Croc - Aron Kincaid
    Mad Hatter - Roddy McDowell
    Mr. Freeze - Michael Ansara
    Penguin - Paul Williams
    Poison Ivy - Diane Pershing
    Ra's al Ghul - David Warner
    Riddler - John Glover
    Rupert Thorne - John Vernon
    Scarecrow - Henry Polic II
    Scarface/Ventriloquist - George Dzundza
    Talia - Helen Slater
    Tony Zucco - Thomas Wilson
    Two-Face - Richard Moll
    Red Claw - Kate Mulgrew


    Dave said...

    Sweet site! Lots of info. Quick question.... is the Adventures of Batman and Robin series on DVD? All I can find is a Fire/Ice DVD and a Poison Ivy/Penguin DVD. Are these episodes already on one of the Batman Animated Series seasons?

    Kurtis said...

    Thanks for your comments, Dave! Yes, the Adventures of Batman and Robin has been released on DVD. It can be found as part of Batman: the Animated Series Volume Three.