Monday, May 12, 2008

The Adventures of Batman

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  • Batman's first animated appearance was part of Filmation's Batman/Superman Hour in 1968. Previously called the Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure, Aquaman was given its own timeslot and a third season of New Adventures of Superman was paired with this all-new Batman cartoon. The series debuted on September 14, 1968 on CBS.

    In 1969, the Batman/Superman Hour split into two separate shows and the Batman segment was retitled Batman with Robin Boy Wonder, also known as The Adventures of Batman.

    The series is a cross between the seriousness of the comic books and the campiness of the Adam West series. Olan Soule and Casey Kasem star as Batman and Robin, doing their best Adam West and Burt Ward impressions. Ted Knight, who was a voice over staple at Filmation, played the Narrator as well as most of the series' villains.

    Main Cast

    Batman - Olan Soule
    Robin - Casey Kasem
    Alfred Pennyworth - Olan Soule
    Narrator - Ted Knight


    Chief O'Hara - Casey Kasem
    Commissioner Gordon - Ted Knight
    Batgirl - Jane Webb

    Catwoman - Jane Webb
    Joker - Larry Storch
    Mr. Freeze - Ted Knight
    Penguin - Ted Knight
    Riddler - Ted Knight
    Scarecrow - Ted Knight

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    AH3RD said...

    The Batman's first animated appearance was actually in the intro to the 1966-68 ABC live-action series.