Monday, May 12, 2008

The All-New Super Friends Hour

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    After the cancellation of Super Friends in 1974, the show was in constant reruns over the next few years. But the growing popularity of the show, as well as the popularity of new action/adventure shows like The Six Million Dollar Man and Wonder Woman caused ABC to order a new season of Super Friends in 1977.

    This time, the hour-long show featured four mini-stories that spotlighted different characters. The first story featured a team up between two of the Super Friends. The second story featured the Wonder Twins. The third story is considered the main story because it features the whole team. The fourth segment featured a Super Friend teaming up with a special guest star such as Green Lantern, Black Vulcan, and the Atom.

    A series of short bumps were shown between stories and featured the heroes giving safety and first aid tips, magic tricks and riddles.

    The show was an even bigger hit than the first season and ensured a renewal for another year, making way for the most popular Super Friends season of them all: The Challenge of the Super Friends!

    Main Cast

    Aquaman - Norman Alden
    Batman - Olan Soule
    Jayna - Liberty Williams
    Narrator - Bill Woodson, Bob Lloyd
    Robin - Casey Casem
    Superman - Danny Dark
    Wonder Woman - Shannon Farnon
    Zan - Michael Bell


    Apache Chief
    Black Vulcan
    El Dorado
    Green Lantern

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