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Aquaman first aired as the last thirty minutes of the Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure in 1967. The show consisted of two Aquaman shorts as well as a short starring a rotating series of guest stars including Green Lantern, Hawkman, Justice League, Teen Titans, the Flash and the Atom.

In 1968 Aquaman became its own series and this is the numbering system I'm using for this guide, however the airdates, if any, represent the original S/A:HoA airdates. The DC Heroes segments are in ITALICS.

For a list of the DC Heroes shorts click here.

Ep #Episode TitleProd #Airdate
1The Menace of the Black MantaAQ-01September 9, 1967
 The Rampaging Reptile MenAQ-02 
 Between Two Armies  
2The Return of NeptoAQ-03 
 The Fiery InvadersAQ-04 
 Target Earth  
3Sea RaidersAQ-05 
 War of the Water WorldsAQ-06 
 Bad Day on Black Mountain  
4The Volcanic MonsterAQ-07 
 The Crimson Minster from the Pink PoolAQ-08 
 Invasion of the Beetle-Men  
5The Ice DragonAQ-09 
 The Deadly DrillersAQ-10 
 The Plant Master  
6Vassa - Queen of the MermenAQ-11 
 The Microscopic MonstersAQ-12 
 The House of Doom  
7The Onslaught of the OctomenAQ-13 
 Treacherous is the TorpedomanAQ-14 
 The Monster Machine  
8The Satanic SaturniansAQ-15 
 The Brain, the Brave and the BoldAQ-16 
 The Space Beast Round-Up  
9Where Lurks the Fisherman!AQ-17 
 The Trio of TerrorAQ-18 
 Operation Rescue  
10Mephisto's Marine MaraudersAQ-19 
 The Torp, the Magneto and the ClawAQ-20 
 The Chemo-Creature  
11Goliaths of the Deep-Sea GorgeAQ-21 
 The Sinister Sea ScampAQ-22 
 Take a Giant Step  
12The Devil FishAQ-23 
 The Sea ScavengersAQ-24 
 To Catch a Blue Bolt  
13In Captain Cuda's ClutchesAQ-25 
 The Mirror Man from Planet ImagoAQ-26 
 Peril from Pluto  
14The Sea SorcererAQ-27 
 The Sea Snares of Captain SkyAQ-28 
 A Visit to Venus  
15The Undersea Trojan HorseAQ-29 
 The Vicious Villainy of VassaAQ-30 
 The Twenty Third Dimension  
16Programmed for DestructionAQ-31 
 The War of the Quatix and the BimphabsAQ-32 
 Evil Is as Evil Does  
17The Stickmen of StygiaAQ-33 
 Three Wishes to TroubleAQ-34 
 The Vanshing World  
18The Silver SphereAQ-35 
 To Catch a FishermanAQ-36 
 Sirena, Empress of Evil  

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