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Batman: the Animated Series

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  • After the success of Tim Burton's Batman film in 1989, Warner Bros. decided that they needed to bring back Batman to the small screen to tie in with the movie's popularity.

    The film was a new, dark, serious approach to Batman, something that the mainstream audience hadn't seen before having only been exposed to the Adam West Batman of the 60s. Likewise in the animation world, Batman was known to children over the world as a card-carrying member of trhe Super Friends and not the crime-fighting detective that inspires fear in his villains.

    So when Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski got together to brainstorm what this new Batman would look like, they decided to be just as serious, if not moreso, than the movie.

    Each episode was treated like a 'mini movie' with the same sort of timing, staging and scripting as any major motion picture would have. The animation was also a step above the normal Saturday morning fare, with the emphasis on realism which brought the dirty, gritty world of Gotham City to life.

    With character designs by Timm, the cast of characters in Batman: the Animated Series have gone on to be the difinitive versions of the characters. Everything from the reworking of Mr. Freeze's origin to the creation of new characters like Harley Quinn and Renee Montoya have made an impact on Batman comics for years to come.

    The series also made its mark in the animation world as it created a bold new way of storytelling, proving that cartoons were something that could be taken seriously. Batman: the Animated Series changed the way children's programs were made from that day on.

    Debuting on September 5, 1992 on the FOX Kids Network, the series ruled weekday afternoons until 1994 when it switched to Saturday mornings and retitled The Adventures of Batman and Robin.

    Main Cast

    Batman - Kevin Conroy
    Robin - Loren Lester
    Alfred Pennyworth - Efrem Zimbalist, Jr./Clive Revill


    Batgirl - Melissa Gilbert
    Commissioner Jim Gordon - Bob Hastings
    Grey Ghost - Adam West
    Harvey Bullock - Robert Constanzo
    Leslie Thomkins - Diana Muldaur
    Lucious Fox - Brock Peters
    ReneƩ Montoya - Ingrid Oliu
    Summer Gleeson - Mari Devon
    Zatanna - Julie Brown

    Catwoman - Adrienne Barbeau
    Clayface - Ron Pearlman
    Clock King - Alan Rachins
    Dr. Hugo Strange - Ray Buktenica
    Harley Quinn - Arleen Sorkin
    Joker - Mark Hamill
    Killer Croc - Aron Kincaid
    Man-Bat - Marc Singer
    Mr. Freeze - Michael Ansara
    Ninja - Bob Ito
    Penguin - Paul Williams
    Poison Ivy - Diane Pershing
    Ra's al Ghul - David Warner
    Riddler - John Glover
    Roland Dagget - Ed Asner
    Rupert Thorne - John Vernon
    Scarecrow - Henry Polic II
    Scarface/Ventriloquist - George Dzundza
    Talia - Helen Slater
    Tony Zucco - Thomas Wilson
    Two-Face - Richard Moll
    Red Claw - Kate Mulgrew

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