Monday, May 19, 2008

Brian Azzarello on Gotham Knight has posted a good interview with Brian Azzarello, comic book writer and writer of the Working Through Pain segment of the upcoming Batman: Gotham Knight DVD.

I liked the film – it's a very interesting take on the Batman character. It holds together cohesively, yet each episode is strikingly different. And I loved (my segment) – it's great. I really liked the animation. It was fascinating seeing my words moving around. When I write, I see it in print – I don't see it moving. So it was fun and it was a good experience.

Batman: Gotham Knight is the third release from DC Comics' PG-13 Direct-to-DVD series. It follows the Animatrix pattern and contains six short stories written by accomplished comic book writers like David Goyer, Greg Rucka and Alan Burnett and directed and animated by different Japanese animation studios.

Set that money aside because you're gonna want to pick this one up when it is released on July 8!

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