Friday, May 16, 2008

Captain America

Ep #Episode TitleProd #Airdate
1The Origin of Captain America September 1, 1966
 Wreckers Among Us  
 Enter the Red Skull  
2The Sentinel and the Spy September 8, 1966
 The Fantastic Origin of the Red Skull  
 Lest Tyranny Triumph!  
3The Revenge of Captain America September 15, 1966
 The Trap is Sprung  
 So Dies a Villain  
4Midnight at Greymoor Castle! September 22, 1966
 If This Be Treason!  
 When You Lie Down with Dogs  
5Return of Captain America September 29, 1966
 The Search  
 To Live Again  
6Zemo and His Masters of Evil October 6, 1966
 Zemo Strikes  
 The Fury of Zemo  
7Let the Past Be Gone October 13, 1966
 The Adaptoid  
 The Super Adaptoid  
8Coming of the Swordsman October 20, 1966
 Vengeance is Ours  
 Emissary of Destruction  
9Bitter Taste of Defeat October 31, 1966
 Sorcery Triumph  
 The Road Back  
10When the Commissar Commands November 7, 1966
 Doorway to Doom  
 Duel or Die  
11The Sleeper Shall Awake November 14, 1966
 Where Walks the Sleeper  
 The Final Sleep  
12The Girl From Cap's Past November 21, 1966
 The Stage is Set  
 30 Minutes to Live  
13The Red Skull Lives November 28, 1966
 He Who Holds the Cosmic Cube  
 The Red Skull Supreme  

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