Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Challenge of the Super Friends Theme Song

Challenge of the Super Friends is a fan favourite due to the large number of comic book villains that appear in the show. This is also one of the more memorable visual sequences.

Even though there is no role call in this version of the Super Friends theme, each of the characters, including the 'diversity cast' whom are introduced in this series, are highlighted and their powers displayed.

My guess is that the role call is left out because there are so many heroes in this season that they couldn't all be crammed into the one minute sequence as well as the Legion of Doom plot exposition.

Once again, the theme is reworked by the composer, Hoyt Curtin and narrated by William Woodson.

Banded together from remote galaxies, are thirteen of the most sinister villains of all time: The Legion of Doom, dedicated to a single objective, the conquest of the universe!

Only one team dares to challenge this intergalactic threat: The Super Friends!

The Justice League of America verses the Legion of Doom! This is the Challenge of the Super Friends!

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Anonymous said...

As a lifelong SuperFriends fan, I need to point out that while William Woodson narrated the episodes, he was NOT the narrator of the intro. That voice over was none other than the late Stanley Jones, who was the unforgettable voice of Lex Luthor. He also was the narrator of the intro of Hanna Barbera's World of Super Adventure, which featured their 1960's Super Hero cartoon shows.
This was one of the few intros that Woodson did not narrate.