Friday, May 16, 2008

Challenge of the Super Friends

Super Friends returned in 1978 with another change to format. This time there were two half hour stories per episode.

The first half hour segment used the All-New Super Friends Hour opening and featured the Super Friends with Zan and Jayna in stories in the typical Super Friends style. These episode are sometimes called the Lost Episodes as they were cut when the network cut the show down to 30 minutes.

The second half hour segment was called Challenge of the Super Friends and featured a classic lineup of Super Friends (sans the Wonder Twins) in constant battle against the Legion of Doom. This incarnation of Super Friends is the most popular as it features actual comic book villains and stories that have a greater comic book feel to them. These episodes are listed below in ITALICS.

Ep #Episode TitleProd #Airdate
1The Demons of Exxor September 9, 1978
 Wanted: The Super Friends128-01 
2Rokan: Enemy from Space September 16, 1978
 Invasion of the Fearians128-02 
3Battle at the Earth's Core September 23, 1978
 The World's Deadliest Game128-03 
4Sinbad and the Space Pirates September 30, 1978
 The Time Trap128-04 
5The Pied Piper from Space October 7, 1978
 Trial of the Super Friends128-05 
6Attack of the Vampire October 14, 1978
 Monolith of Evil128-06 
7Terror from the Phantom Zone October 21, 1978
 The Giants of Doom128-07 
8The Beasts are Coming October 28, 1978
 Secret Origins of the Super Friends128-08 
9The Anti-Matter Monster November 4, 1978
 Revenge on Gorilla City128-09 
10World Beneath the Ice November 11, 1978
 Swamp of the Living Dead128-10 
11Invasion of the Brain Creatures November 18, 1978
 Conquerors of the Future128-11 
12The Incredible Space Circus November 25, 1978
 The Final Challenge128-12 
13Batman: Dead or Alive December 2, 1978
 Fairy Tale of Doom128-13 
14Battle of the Gods December 9, 1978
15Journey Through Inner Space December 16, 1978
 Super Friends: Rest in Peace128-15 
16The Rise and Fall of the Super Friends December 23, 1978
 The History of Doom128-16 

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