Monday, May 12, 2008

Fantastic Four (1994)

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  • The 1994 animated version of Fantastic Four aired as the second half of the Marvel Action Hour. The show tried hard to be 100% faithful to the classic comics of the sixties, but while this concept worked for the 1967 Fantastic Four cartoon, it just seemed too cheesy and campy for a modern audience. This, coupled with some low budget animation, caused many fans to not think highly of the series.

    The show's second season was a drastic improvement. A different, better animation studio was used as well as new character designs that fit more closely with the comics at the time. The stories focused more on the Byrne stories from the 80s. However, the new look and design would not fair any better for the series as it was canceled after its second season.

    Main Cast

    Thing - Chuck McCann
    Mister Fantastic - Beau Weaver
    Narrator - Stan Lee
    Human Torch - Brian Austen Green (season one), Quinton Flynn (season two)
    Invisible Woman - Lori Alan

    Alicia Masters - Pauline Arthur Lomas
    Black Panther - Keith David
    Crystal - Kathy Ireland
    Daredevil - Bill Smitrovich
    Franklin Storm - Richard McGonagle
    Ghost Rider - Richard Grieco
    Gorgon - Michael Dorn
    Hulk - Ron Pearlman
    Karnak - Clyde Kusatsu
    Namor - James Warwick
    Nova - Leeza Miller McGee
    Rick Jones - Benny Grant
    Silver Surfer - Robin Sachs (season one), Edward Albert (season two)
    T'Chaka - Beau Weaver
    Thor - John Rhys-Davies
    Triton - Rocky Carroll (season one), Mark Hamill (season two)
    Uatu the Watcher - Alan Oppenheimer


    Admiral Koh - Beau Weaver
    Annihilus - Clyde Kusatsu
    Blastaar - Ron Friedman
    Doctor Doom - John Vernon, Neil Ross (season one), Simon Templeman (season two)
    Ego the Living Planet - Kay E. Kuter
    Firelord - Alan Oppenheimer
    Galactus - Tony Jay
    Hydro-Man - Brad Garrett
    Impossible Man - Jess Harnell
    Klaw - Charles Howerton
    Lyja - Katherine Moffat
    Maximus the Mad - Mark Hamill
    Mole Man - Gregg Berger
    Mrs. Lavinia Forbes - Joan Lee
    Psycho-Man - Jamie Horton
    Puppet Master - Neil Ross
    Seeker - Kerrigan Mahan
    Skrull Emperor - Robert Ridgely
    Super Skrull - Neil Ross (season one), Jess Harnell (season two)
    Terrax - Tony Jay (season one), Ron Friedman (season two)
    Trapster - Beau Weaver
    Wizard - Ron Pearlman

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