Friday, May 16, 2008

Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes

Even though this episode is not in production order or airdate order, it is most faithful to original airdate order. But since Cartoon Network aired most of this series out of order, a few changes have been made to this episode order to account for any major continuity issues.

Ep #Episode TitleProd #Airdate
1Trial by Fire103September 2, 2006
2Doomed104September 9, 2006
3Doomsday101September 16, 2006
4Hard Knocks107September 23, 2006
5My Neighbor was a Skrull108September 30, 2006
6World's Tiniest Heroes109October 21, 2006
7Zoned Out106October 28, 2006
8Imperious Rex116June 9, 2007
9Puppet Master105June 16, 2007
10Impossible111June 23, 2007
11Bait and Switch112June 30, 2007
12Annihilation113July 14, 2007
13De-Mole-Ition110July 28, 2007
14Revenge of the Skrulls114August 11, 2007
15Strings115August 25, 2007
17Doomsday Plus One117April 27, 2007
18The Cure118June 9, 2007
19Frightful119August 18, 2007
20Out of Time120September 15, 2007
21Atlantis Attacks121September 22, 2007
22Shell Games122October 6, 2007
23Johnny Storm and the Potion of Fire123October 13, 2007
24Contest of Champions102October 20, 2007
25Doom's Word is Law125
26Scavenger Hunt126

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John said...

How come 3 of these episodes are missing airdates? Molehattan aired here in US Nick Toons a couple weeks back

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Strange how the dvd box set lists the episodes in a different order too.

No wonder this great series tanked after one season if the network is playing them out of order.