Monday, May 12, 2008

Iron Man: Armored Adventures

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    The third animated series starring Iron Man proved to be a very different interpretation of the classic character. This time, Tony Stark is a teenager who blames Obadiah Stane for the death of his father. Together with this school mates, Rhodey Rhodes, Pepper Potts, Happy Hogan and Gene Kahn (Mandarin), Tony must use his new suit of armour to bring Stane to justice.

    The 26 episode series was produced by Marvel Animation and Method Films, who supplied the unique CG animation that used Toon shading to portray a "2D look".

    The first two episodes of Iron Man: Armored Adventures debuted on the Canadian network Teletoon on November 21, 2008 before fully debuting on April 12, 2009. The show debuted in the US on Nicktoons on April 24, 2009.

    Main Cast

    Iron Man - Adrian Petriw
    James "Rhody" Rhodes - Daniel Bacon
    Pepper Potts - Anna Cummer


    Black Panther - Jeffrey Chapman
    Howard Stark - Fred Henderson
    Hulk - Mark Gibbon
    Nick Fury - Dean Redman
    Rick Jones - Andrew Francis
    Roberta Rhodes - Catherine Haggquist

    Black Knight - Alistair Abell
    Blizzard - David Orth
    Controller - Michael Kopsa
    Count Nefaria - Russell Roberts
    Crimson Dynamo - Episode Six: Mark Oliver, Episode Twelve: Brian Drummond
    Killer Shrike - Ty Olsson
    Living Laser - Louis Chirillo
    Madame Masque - Kristie Marsden
    Mandarin - Vincent Tong
    M.O.D.O.C. - Lee Tockar
    Mr. Fix - Donny Lucas
    Obadiah Stane - Mackenzie Gray
    Unicorn - Michael Daingerfield
    Whiplash - Peter Kelamis
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    Anonymous said...

    This is quite a cut above superhero animations/cartoons nowadays, including other Marvel stuff like Wolverine etc, never mind #$%@!! like B&B from DC and almost harks back to the classic stuff in '60s

    Why don't they use this n StarWars style in other animations ?

    Anyway, a fanboy note: this series is basically IronBoy, an updated take on the adventures of Supes when he was ... etc

    Excelsior !