Monday, May 12, 2008

Legion of Super Heroes

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    Originally called Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes, the name of the comic book on which this series is based, the name Superboy was dropped due to a legal battle over the rights to Superboy's name. Instead, a young Clark Kent is simply referred to as Superman.

    The show follows the young heroes of the 31st century who travel back through time to seek the help of the legendary Superman. But they overshoot and instead meet a young Superman who has not yet left the farm. He travels back to the future with them and they have two seasons worth of fun adventures.

    The series debuted on September 23, 2006 as part of the KidsWB! program block on the CW Network.

    The second season takes place two years after the events in season one's finale. ALl the characters have a new design and new characters are introduced, including Superman X, the clone from the 41st century.

    There was a third season planned which would have included the redemption of Brainiac 5 along with the inclusion of new characters such as Sensor, Wildfire, and Shadow Lass. Unfortunately, when the CW Network switched its KidsWB! program block to 4Kids, Legion of Super Heroes got lost in the shuffle.

    Main Cast

    Bouncing Boy - Michael Cornacchia
    Brainiac 5 - Adam Wylie
    Chameleon Boy - Alexander Polinsky
    Chlorophyll Kid - Alexander Polinsky
    Color Kid - James Arnold Taylor
    Lightning Lad - Andy Milder
    Phantom Girl - Heather Hogan
    Saturn Girl - Kari Wahlgren
    Superman - Yuri Lowenthal
    Superman X - Yuri Lowenthal
    Timber Wolf - Shawn Harrison
    Triplicate Girl - Kari Wahlgren


    Ayla Ranzz - Kari Wahlgren
    Calamity King - Alexander Polinsky
    Colossal Boy - Adam Wylie
    Computo - Adam Wylie
    Cosmic Boy - Wil Wheaton
    Dream Girl - Tara Platt
    Ferro Lad - Dave Wittenberg
    Infectious Lass - Kari Wahlgren
    Karate Kid - Keith Ferguson
    Matter-Eater Lad - Alexander Polinsky
    Nemesis Kid - Keith Ferguson
    Porcupine Pete - James Arnold Taylor
    R. J. Brande - Lex Lang
    Shrinking Violet - Kari Wahlgren
    Star Boy - Bumper Robinson
    Stone Boy - Yuri Lowenthal
    Ultra Boy - James Arnold Taylor
    Winema Wazzo - April Winchell

    Alexis Luthor - Tara Strong
    Brainiac - Corey Burton
    Controller - David Lodge
    Dr. Mar Londo - Harry J. Lennix (Season 1), Dorian Harewood (Season 2)
    Drax - Greg Ellis
    Emerald Empress - Jennifer Hale (Season 1), Tara Strong (Season 2)
    Esper - Tara Strong
    Grimbor the Chainsman - Lex Lang
    Gullug - Dave Wittenberg
    Hunter - Khary Payton
    Imperiex - Phil Morris
    Lightning Lord - James Arnold Taylor
    Mordru - Richard McGonagle (Season 1), Jim Ward (Season 2)
    Ontirr - Bumper Robinson
    Persuader - David Sobolov
    Roderick Doyle - Wil Wheaton
    Ron-Karr - Shawn Harrison
    Starfinger - Taylor Negron
    Terra-Man - Jeff Black
    Tharok - David Lodge
    Tyr - Khary Payton
    Zyx - Lauren Tom
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