Friday, May 16, 2008

The Mighty Thor

Ep #Episode TitleProd #Airdate
1Trapped by Loki September 4, 1966
 The Vengeance of Loki  
 The Defeat of Loki  
2Chained Evil September 11, 1966
 Sandu, Master of the Supernatural  
 Enchanted Hammer  
3Enchantress and the Executioner September 18, 1966
 Giants Walk the Earth  
 Battle of the Gods  
4At the Mercy of Loki September 25, 1966
 Trial of the Gods  
 Return to Earth  
5The Absorbing Man October 2, 1966
 In My Hand This Hammer  
 Vengeance of the Thunder God  
6To Kill a Thunder God October 9, 1966
 The Day of the Destroyer  
 Terror of the Tomb  
7The Grey Gargoyle October 16, 1966
 The Wrath of Odin  
 Triumph in Stone  
8Mysterious Mister Hyde October 27, 1966
 Revenge of Mr. Hyde  
 Thor's Showdown with Mr. Hyde  
9Every Hand Against HimNovember 3, 1966
 The Power of the Thunder GOd  
 The Power of Odin  
10The Tomorrow Man November 10, 1966
 Return of Zarko  
 Slave of the Tomorrow Man  
11Enter Hercules November 17, 1966
 When Meet the Immortals  
 Whom the Gods Would Destroy  
12Victory of Pluto November 24, 1966
 The Verdict of Zeus  
 Thunder in the Netherworld  
13Molto the Lava Man November 31, 1966
 Invasion of the Lava Men  
 Living Rock  

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