Friday, May 16, 2008

Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner

Ep #Episode TitleProd #Airdate
1Peril in the Surface World September 5, 1966
 So Spreads the Net  
 The Unveiling  
2The Start of the Quest! September 12, 1966
 Escape... To Nowhere!  
 A Prince There Was  
3Not All My Power Can Save Me!September 18, 1966
 When Fails the Quest  
 The End of the Quest  
4Atlantis Under AttackSeptember 26, 1966
 The Sands of Terror  
 The Iron Idol of Infamy  
5The Thing from SpaceOctober 3, 1966
 No Escape for Namor  
 A Prince Dies Fighting  
6To Conquer a CrownOctober 10, 1966
 A Prince No More  
 He Who Wears the Crown  
7To Walk Amongst MenOctober 17, 1966
 When Rises the Behemoth  
 To the Death  
8Atlantis is DoomedOctober 28, 1966
 The World Within  
 Quest for X-Atom  
9Beware the Siren's SongNovember 4, 1966
 Spell of Loralie  
 Return of the Mud Beast  
10Ship of DoomNovember 11, 1966
 Fall of Atlantis  
 Forces of Vengeance  
11Planet of Doom November 18, 1966
 To Test a Prince  
 To Save a Planet  
12Doctor Doom's Day November 25, 1966
 The Doomed Allegiance  
 Tug of Death  
13Let the Stranger Die...!December 1, 1966
 To Destroy a Tyrant  
 Save a City  

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Could you help me out with some stuff?

I was wondering if you knew which voice actor played Doctor Doom in the 60s Namor cartoon or Marvel Super Heroes?

Also which voice actor played Thor in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends?

Finally who played Brainiac in The Superman / Aquaman Hour of Adventure or The New Adventures of Superman (1966-1970).

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