Monday, May 12, 2008

The New Batman Adventures

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    Superman: the Animated Series continued to expand to world that Paul Dini and Bruce Timm had created in Batman: the Animated Series, but their style was changing. The designs were getting simpler and more streamlined for ease of animation. The characters look more angular, playing down the realism and defining the now famous Bruce Timm style.

    So when new episodes of Batman: the Animated Series were to be made for the brand new Kids!WB Network, the decision was to give the whole series an overhaul. It took place in the same continuity as the previous series, but the characters were all giving a new design.

    Batman traded blue cape and cowl for a black one, Robin, now Tim Drake, shed his green tights and the Joker lost his red lips.

    Batgirl and Nightwing rounded out the main cast, further pushing Batman into a team player, and all of the villains returned for another round with the Caped Crusader. A few new characters made it into this series as well, Firefly, Calendar Girl, Roxy Rocket and the Creeper.

    The New Batman Adventures was paired with the second season of Superman: the Animated Series in a one-hour programming block called the Batman/Superman Adventures.

    Main Cast

    Batman - Kevin Conroy
    Robin - Mathew Valencia
    Batgirl - Tara Strong
    Nightwing - Loren Lester
    Alfred Pennyworth - Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.


    Commissioner Jim Gordon - Bob Hastings
    Creeper - Jeff Bennett
    Etrigan the Demon - Billy Zane
    Harvey Bullock - Robert Constanzo
    Lucious Fox - Mel Winkler
    Mayor Hamilton Hill - Lloyd Bochner
    ReneƩ Montoya - Liane Schirmer
    Supergirl - Nicholle Tom

    Baby-Doll - Laraine Newman
    Bane - Henry Silva
    Calendar Girl - Sela Ward
    Catwoman - Adrienne Barbeau
    Clayface - Ron Pearlman
    Dr. Hugo Strange - Ray Buktenica
    Farmer Brown - Peter Breck
    Firefly - Mark Rolston
    Harley Quinn - Arleen Sorkin
    Joker - Mark Hamill
    Killer Croc - Brooks Gardner
    Klarion the Witch Boy - Stephen Smith
    Livewire - Lori Petty
    Mad Hatter - Roddy McDowall
    Man-Bat - Marc Singer
    Mr. Freeze - Michael Ansara
    Penguin - Paul Williams
    Poison Ivy - Diane Pershing
    Ra's al Ghul - David Warner
    Riddler - John Glover
    Roxy Rocket - Charity James
    Scarecrow - Jeffery Combs
    Scarface/Ventriloquist - George Dzundza
    Talia al Ghul - Helen Slater
    Two-Face - Richard Moll
    Ubu - George DiCenzo
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