Monday, May 12, 2008

Plastic Man - Baby Plas Super Comedy Show

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    In 1980, The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show was cut down to only 30 minutes and featured Plastic Man and his family. Plas was now married to Penny, and the two produced a super powered offspring, Baby Plas.

    Each episode began with one seven minute Plastic Family episode, followed by a four minute solo Baby Plas episode, followed by a fifteen minute Plastic Man episode, although only three new episodes were made before that segment was replaced by reruns from the previous season. The series lasted for one season on ABC and later went into syndication.

    Main Cast
    Plastic Man - Michael Bell
    Baby Plas - Clare Peck
    Penny - Melendy Britt
    Hula Hula - Joe Baker


    Chief - Melendy Britt

    Half-Ape - Michael Bell
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