Monday, May 12, 2008

Pryde of the X-Men

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    During the 1988-1989 television season, Marvel Productions put together an hour-long animation show called the Marvel Action Universe. The show featured Marvel Productions' newest animated series, RoboCop and Dino-Riders.

    However, while thirteen episodes of Dino-Riders were aired on the Marvel Action Hour, only twelve RoboCop episodes were produced, leaving one week open for a very special program.

    That program was Pryde of the X-Men a single episode of an X-Men series that was never made. The episode was meant to be the pilot episode, but the episode was poorly received and the plans for the show were put on hold.

    A few years later, Jim Lee and Chris Claremont redefined the X-Men and it was this new era that would serve as the basis of Marvel Productions' next attempt at the mutants, 1992's X-Men: the Animated Series.

    Main Cast

    Colossus - Earl Bowen
    Cyclops - Michael Bell
    Dazzler - Alexandra Stoddart
    Kitty Pryde - Kath Soucie
    Lockheed - Frank Welker
    Professor X - John Stephenson
    Nightcrawler - Frank Welker
    Storm - Andi Chapman
    Wolverine - Neil Ross


    Colonel Chaffee - Michael Bell


    Blob - Allan Openheimer
    Juggernaut - Patrick Pinney
    Magneto - Ronald Gans
    Pyro - Pat Fraley
    Toad - Frank Welker
    White Queen - Susan Silo
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