Monday, May 12, 2008

Silver Surfer

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    Silver Surfer was produced show by Marvel Films and Film Roman and is considered to be part of the "Marvel Animated Universe" of the 90s. The series debuted on Fox Kids in 1998 and found a favourable fan base.

    The style of Silver Surfer, both in artwork and writing, is modeled after the classic work of the Silver Surfer's creators, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. This is the first superhero cartoon to fully embrace computer animation, having Galactus a completely CGI character.

    The show only lasted one season, 13 episodes, because Marvel Entertainment filed for bankruptcy and could not afford to produce a second season, even though eight script had already been completed. The first season ended on a cliffhanger. The second season would have seen the Surfer reunited with his home world of Zenn-La only to be torn from it again. There would have also been a Fantastic Four team-up and the Kree/Skrull War!

    Main Cast

    Silver Surfer - Paul Essiembre
    Uatu - Colin Fox


    Adam Warlock - Oliver Becker
    Beta Ray Bill - Karl Pruner
    Drax the Destroyer - Norm Spencer
    Ego the Living Planet - Roy Lewis
    Eternity - John Neville
    Gamora - Alison Sealy-Smith
    Infinity - Elizabeth Sheperd
    Nova - Tara Rosling
    Pip the Troll - Robert Bockstael
    Shalla-Bal - Camilla Scott

    Lady Chaos - Lally Cadeau
    Galactus - James Blendick
    Nebula - Jennifer Dale
    Supreme Intelligence - David Hemblen
    Thanos - Gary Krawford
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