Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spectacular Spider-Man Theme Song

It's hard to top the 1967 Spider-Man theme song. It has become one of the most recognized theme songs in history. So when Sony asked California rock band Tender Box if they would record a theme song for the new Spectacular Spider-Man animated series, they took the task very seriously.

The theme is a catchy pop rock tune, chock full of lyrics, that perfectly embodies the modern web-slinger. Tender Box creates this new song with a sense of tribute to the old one.

The title sequence perfectly matches the song, thanks to the direction of Victor Cook who gave the theme a music video like treatment.

A longer version of the song, featuring a second verse and guitar solo, was recorded by Tender Box and it can be heard below.

Living on the edge
Fighting crime, spinning webs
Swinging from the highest ledge
He can leap above our heads

Villains on the rise
And the city's victimized
Looking up with no surprise
Arriving in the speed of time

Spectacular Spectacular Spider-Man x3

Crawling through the night
Facing evil with his might
He's a hero in our eyes
See the headlines every time

Making villains fall
Webbing rivals to a halt
Racing up and down the walls
Bringing justice to us all

Spectacular, Spectacular Spider-Man x3

Spectacular, Spectacular Spider-Man x2

Each episode of Spectacular Spider-Man has a unique title sequence featuring important characters from the episode. The first season titles consisted of Peter, Harry, Gwen and JJJ, but when Harry was written out of the show, his title was replaced with Mary Jane who had become a bigger part of the season.

Season two titles included Liz, Flash, Norman and Captain Stacy, all who were playing bigger roles than they were in the previous season, as well as a new title for Gwen Stacy who got a makeover at the end of the season.

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Scott said...

How can I get a copy of that mp3 of the full version of the "Spectacular Spider-man" theme song?