Monday, May 12, 2008

The Spectacular Spider-Man

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  • After two failed attempts to bring Spider-Man back into the television spotlight (Spider-Man: Unlimited, Spider-Man: the New Animated Series), Greg Weisman, known best for his cult hit Gargoyles, and Victor Cook took Peter Parker back to high school in a new animated series for Sony Pictures Television. The series was produced by Culver Entertainment and premiered on March 8, 2008 on Kids!WB on The CW. Season two first aired on Canada's Teletoon on January 11, 2009 and later in the US on Disney XD in March.

    The series follows the first year of Peter Parker's life as Spider-Man as he learns to juggle his real life with his superhero life. Spidey's classic villains are all here, including Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus and Venom, to make Peter's life miserable.

    Each season takes place during an actual season of Peter's sophomore year. Season one takes place from September to November and season two takes place during December to February. Weisman planned to complete the whole year in the next two seasons, but the show was not renewed for a third season. Sony relinquished the Spider-Man television rights back to Marvel shortly after Marvel was bought by Disney in 2009.

    Main Cast

    Spider-Man - Josh Keaton
    Flash Thompson - Joshua LeBar
    George Stacy - Clancy Brown
    Gwen Stacy - Lacey Chabert
    Harry Osborn - James Arnold Taylor
    J. Jonah Jameson - Daran Norris
    Liz Allan - Alanna Ubach
    Mary Jane Watson - Vanessa Marshall
    May Parker - Deborah Strang


    Aaron Warren - Brian George
    Ashley Kafka - Elisa Gabrielli
    Ben Parker - Ed Asner
    Betty Brant - Grey DeLisle
    Billy Conners - Mark Burkholder
    Black Cat - Tricia Helfer
    Curt Conners - Dee Bradley Baker
    Dr. Bromwell - Dorian Harewood
    Frederick Foswell - James Arnold Taylor
    Glory Grant - Cree Summer
    Jean DeWolff - Irene Bedard
    Joe "Robbie" Robertson - Phil LaMarr
    John Jameson - Daran Norris
    Hobie Brown
    Kenny Kong - Andrew Kishino
    Martha Conners - Kath Soucie
    Miles Warren - Brian George
    Molten Man - Eric Lopez
    Ned Lee - Andrew Kishino
    Norman Osborn - Alan Rachins
    Rand Robertson - Phil LaMarr
    Sally Avril - Grey DeLisle
    Sha Shan Nguyen - Kelly Hu
    Stan Carter - Thomas F. Wilson

    Chameleon - Steve Blum
    Doctor Octopus - Peter MacNicol
    Electro - Crispin Freeman
    Green Goblin - Steve Blum
    Hammerhead - John DiMaggio
    Kraven the Hunter - Eric Vesbit
    Lizard - Dee Bradley Baker
    Mysterio - Xander Berkeley
    Ox - Clancy Brown, Danny Trejo
    Rhino - Clancy Brown
    Ricochet - Phil LaMarr
    Sandman - John DiMaggio
    Shocker - Jeff Bennett
    Silver Sable - Nikki Cox
    Silvermane - Miguel Ferrer
    Tinkerer - Thom Adcox
    Tombstone - Keith David, Kevin Michael Richardson
    Venom - Ben Diskin
    Vulture - Robert Englund


    Anonymous said...

    you should make pention for a third season.

    Kelvin said...

    Correction, in this series, Peter's a sophomore, not a freshman.