Monday, May 12, 2008

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

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    While Marvel Productions was developing Spider-Man for syndication in 1981, they also had a Spider-Man project in the works for NBC. However, the network wanted a show that had a wider audience appeal. So the show was reworked to be much lighter and Spider-Man was given a few friends that would help him fight crime: Firestar and Iceman!

    Although the Human Torch was the original choice, the legal rights to his character were tied up elsewhere leaving Marvel Productions to create a whole new character, Angelica Jones AKA Firestar. The popularity of Firestar grew quickly and it wasn't long before she made her comic book debut in the mainstream Marvel Universe.

    Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends debuted on September 12, 1981, the same day as the syndicated Spider-Man series. Many have disputed whether or not Amazing Friends is a sequel to Spidey's solo series. The episode Origin of the Spider-Friends appears to fill in the gaps between the two series and The Prison Plot features a flashback from the Spider-Man episode When Magneto Speaks...People Listen. And although some of the voices are different, the same characters designs are used for both shows.

    For the show's second season, it was paired with a new Incredible Hulk series and the show was renamed The Incredible Hulk and the Amazing Spider-Man. The following year the names were reversed as the Hulk was rerun but Amazing Friends got more new episodes.

    Main Cast

    Spider-Man - Dan Gilvezan
    Iceman - Frank Welker
    Firestar - Kathy Garver
    Aunt May - June Foray
    Flash Thompson - Frank Welker
    J. Jonah Jameson - William Woodson
    Miss Lion - Frank Welker


    Captain America - George DiCenzo
    Hulk - Peter Cullen
    Namor - William Woodson
    Shanna the She-Devil - Janet Waldo
    Sunfire - Jerry Dexter

    Arachnoid - Dan Gilvezan
    Beetle - Chris Latta
    Chameleon - Hans Conreid
    Doctor Doom - Shepard Menken
    Doctor Octopus - Michael Bell
    Dracula - Stanley Jones
    Electro - Allan Melvin
    Green Goblin - Dennis Marks
    Hiawatha Smith - Michael Ansara
    Juggernaut - William H. Marshall
    Kingpin - Walker Edminston
    Kraven the Hunter - Robert Ridgely
    Loki - John Stephenson
    Magneto - Michael Rye
    Mysterio - Peter Cullen
    Norman Osborn - Neil Ross
    Red Skull - Peter Cullen
    Sandman - Chris Latta
    Shocker - John Stephenson
    Video Man - Frank Welker
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