Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spider-Man: the Animated Series Theme Song

The theme song to Spider-Man: the Animated Series stands out as piece of Spider-Man history as it represents Spider-Man of the 90s. Gone is the jazzy music and the goofy lyrics about swinging here and there, which was an accurate depiction of the web-slinger of the 60s. Instead, this theme is full of intensity and power with electric guitars and a heavy beat. Spider-Man is about action.

And the visuals don't let up either. Composed of original animation and clips from the series, the visuals tell us that Spider-Man's world is a dangerous one, filled with villains, monsters and lots of explosions! Fans watching this theme for the first time jumped for joy when they saw one villain at the end of the theme song that would be making his debut screen appearance in this series: Venom!

The theme song was written by Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry based on a theme by Shuki Levy. When composing the theme, Perry wanted a modern feel that paid tribute to the classic '67 series. You can sort of hear this come out in the main guitar melody. The words also pay tribute to the '67 theme song.

Perry also performs the guitar riffs and the ripping guitar solo. He speaks the lyrics through a vocoder to give them that digitally distorted sound.

Listen to this embeded mp3 to hear the song without the explosions and other sound effects:

Radio-mutated Spider-Man (x3)

Spider blood
Spider blood
Radioactive spider blood (x2)


The show had many different variations during its five season run, mostly involving different clips being used. Here is a breakdown of the different versions:

  • Season One A
  • Season One B
  • Season One C
  • Season Two - Four: I have chosen to post this version of the theme song on this page because it is the theme that appeared on the greatest number of episodes. Many season two clips were added to feature a wider variety of Spidey's foes.
  • Season Five

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    tanori said...

    Thanks for all the info.

    I am a very big spider-man fan.

    Chris Tan said...

    Thank you sooooooo much! I was looking all over for this song because of the Halloween party at work today. I miss the old Spider-Man cartoon and think that no Spider-Man cartoon has even come close to being as good as this Cartoon series! :)