Monday, May 12, 2008

Spider-Man: the Animated Series

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    In the early nineties, the rights to a Spider-Man film rested with 20th Century Fox and a script with James Cameron was written that featured Electro and Sandman being involved in Spider-Man's origin. Production began but ultimately failed due to contract disputes and the bankruptcy of several of the parties involved, including Marvel Comics.

    At that time however, the production of an animated series to coincide with the feature film was already in production by the newly formed Marvel Films Animation and Fox Kids. Spider-Man, also known as Spider-Man: the Animated Series, a special preview of the first episode, Night of the Lizard was shown on November 19, 1994 on the Fox Network before the series launch on Saturday mornings starting February 4, 1995. The series ran for five seasons and had a total of 65 episodes before being canceled by Fox in 1998.

    Throughout the course of the series, most of Spider-Man's classic rogues gallery, such as the Green Goblin, Vulture, Doc Ock, Chameleon and the Lizard, appeared in the series along with contemporary villains like Venom, Carnage and Hobgoblin. Since Sandman and Electro were to be used in the feature film, they were left out of the series. When the film finally got scrapped for good, Electro made an appearance in the show's fifth season, but Sandman remained absent.

    Main Cast

    Spider-Man - Christopher Daniel Barnes
    Anna Watson - Majel Barrett
    Aunt May Parker - Linda Gary (Seasons 1-3), Julie Bennett Seasons 4-5)
    Glory Grant - Nell Carter
    Harry Osborn - Gary Imhoff
    J. Jonah Jameson - Edward Asner
    Joe "Robbie" Robertson - Rodney Saulsberry
    John Jameson - Michael Horton
    Mary Jane Watson - Sara Ballantine
    Uncle Ben Parker - Brian Keith


    Abraham Whistler - Malcolm McDowell, Oliver Muirhead
    Beyonder - Earl Boen
    Black Cat - Jennifer Hale
    Black Marvel - Paul Winfield
    Blade - J.D. Hall
    Captain America - David Hayter
    Daredevil - Edward Laurence Albert Jr.
    Detective Terri Lee - Dawnn Lewis
    Doctor Strange - John Vernon
    Human Torch - Quinton Flynn
    Iron Man - Robert Hays
    Madame Web - Joan Lee
    Mr. Fantastic - Cam Clarke
    Nick Fury - Philip Abbott
    Prowler - Tim Russ
    Punisher - John Beck
    Stan Lee - Himself

    Alistair Smythe - Maxwell Caulfield
    Carnage - Scott Cleverdon
    Doctor Doom - Tom Kane
    Doctor Octopus - Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
    Green Goblin - Neil Ross
    Herbert Landon - David Warner
    Hobgoblin - Mark Hamill
    Kingpin - Roscoe Lee Browne
    Kraven The Hunter - Gregg Berger
    Lizard - Joseph Campanella
    Miriam the Vampire Queen - Nichelle Nichols
    Morbius - Nick Jameson
    Owl - Michael Bell
    Red Skull - Earl Boen
    Rhino - Don Stark
    Scorpion - Martin Landau (Seasons 1-2), Richard Moll (Seasons 4-5)
    Shocker - Jim Cummings
    The Spot - Oliver Muirhead
    Venom - Hank Azaria
    Vulture - Edward Laurence Albert Jr.
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