Monday, May 12, 2008

Spider-Man: the New Animated Series

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    Since Spider-Man was the most successful movie of 2002, it only makes sense that Sony would produce a new animated series to capitalize on the Web-Head's fame. Thirteen episodes were produced for this new animated series that aired on MTV.

    Littered with celebrity voices, hip music and costumes and 100% CGI, this Spider-Man could have really tanked if it weren't for the good scripts that really got the point of what Spider-Man is all about. The executive producer of the series is Brian Michael Bendis, who is no stranger to the life of Peter Parker as he a co-creator of the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book.

    However, the series did fail from low rating and it was not renewed for a second season.

    Main Cast

    Spider-Man - Neil Patrick Harris
    Mary Jane Watson - Lisa Loeb
    Harry Osborn - Ian Ziering


    Indira "Indy" Daimonji - Angelle Brooks
    J. Jonah Jameson -Keith Carradine
    Flash Thompson - Devon Sawa

    Electro - Ethan Embry
    Kingpin - Michael Clarke Duncan
    Kraven the Hunter - Michael Dorn
    Lizard - Rob Zombie
    Roland Gaines - Jeremy Piven
    Roxanne Gaines - Kathy Griffin
    Sergei - James Marsters
    Shikata - Gina Gershon
    Silver Sable
    Talon - Eve
    Turbo Jet - Harold Perrineau Jr.
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