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    1979 saw the premiere of DePatie-Freleng's second superhero cartoon, Spider-Woman. Based on the Jessica Drew character from Marvel Comics, the sixteen episode series followed Jessica as she fought crime while holding up a job at the Justice Magazine publishing group. The series ran from September 22, 1979 to January 3, 1980 on ABC.

    The series took many liberties while creating the world for Spider-Woman to live in. The Justice Magazine was created so that Jessica could have a means of keeping an eye on the crime world. Billy Drew and Jeff Hunt were also created as Jessica's supporting cast.

    Spider-Woman's powers were also tweeked a bit. She still could stick to walls and shoot 'venom blasts' from her hands, but now she could fly and had Spider-Sense similar to Spider-Man's but she could see a vision of the danger. She was also able to change into her Spider-Woman costume by spinning around, like Wonder Woman from the Lynda Carter series.

    Main Cast

    Spider-Woman - Joan Van Ark
    Jeff Hunt - Bruce Miller
    Billy Drew - Bryan Scott


    Police Chief - Lou Krugman
    Detective Miller - Larry Carroll

    Great Magini
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