Monday, May 12, 2008

The Super Friends Hour

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    When Super Friends returned in the fall of 1980, the show returned to its hour long format, this time airing a half hour rerun from a previous seasons along with three new seven-minute shorts.

    These new shorts featured the main five Super Friends (Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin and Aquaman) and the Wonder Twins and guest starred many heroes from the previous seasons, including the 'cultural heroes' created for Challenge of the Super Friends. For the show's second season, a new hero, El Dorado, was created to bring even more cultural diversity to the show. The second season knocked off the 30 minutes of reruns and only aired the 30 minutes of new (three seven-minute) episodes.

    In the fall of 1982, ABC aired a half hour rerun package called The Best of the Super Friends. At the same time, Hanna-Barbera was creating a syndication package for distribution. ABC, not wanting to compete with the syndication package, decided not to renew the show for its 1983 season.

    However, fully expecting to be renewed for another season, Hanna-Barbera was hard at work producing another season of seven minute cartoons. These cartoons are commonly known as the Lost Episodes as only one out of twenty-four was ever aired during the show's original run. It wasn't until 1995 when the episode were finally aired as part of the Superman/Batman Adventures, a rerun package made for the USA Network.

    Main Cast

    Aquaman - Bill Callaway
    Batman - Olan Soule
    Gleek - Michael Bell
    Jayna - Liberty Williams
    Narrator - William Woodson
    Robin - Casey Kasem
    Superman - Danny Dark
    Wonder Woman - Shannon Farnon
    Zan - Michael Bell

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