Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Uncertainty Principle

Season: 1
Episode Number: 9
Season Episode Number: 9
Production Number: 109
Airdate: May 10, 2008

Writer: Kevin Hopps
Director: Dave Bullock

Voices: Phil LaMarr (Robbie Robertson), Andrew Kishino (Ned Leeds), Grey DeLisle (Betty Brant), Josh Keaton (Spider-Man), Daran Norris (J. Jonah Jameson), Daran Norris (John Jameson), John DiMaggio (Hammerhead), Steven Blum (Green Goblin), Lacey Chabert (Gwen Stacy), James Arnold Taylor (Harry Osborn), Kevin Michael Richardson (Tombstone), Alanna Ubach (Liz Allen), Vanessa Marshall (Mary Jane Watson), Alan Rachins (Norman Osborn), Joshua LeBar (Flash Thompson)

Plot: It's Halloween and the Green Goblin is trick-or-treating at Oscorp. But why is he trashing the place and what do Hammerhead and Tombstone have to do with it? Peter makes a startling discovery when he finds out who is behind the mask of the Green Goblin.

Meanwhile, the shuttle piloted by John Jameson hit an asteroid and is on a crash course with Earth! Jameson does everything he can to safely pilot the shuttle home but picks up a mysterious black oil on the way.

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): I will keep saying this until the cows come home: I love it when a show follows its own storylines rather than trying to be 100% faithful to the comics. Having Harry be the first Green Goblin is brilliant. The writers set up Norman to be the Goblin and then *BAM!* they hit us longtime comic book fans who are sitting there saying 'yeah, yeah, Norman's the Goblin' and they punch us in the face with this twist! Great idea and great for Harry's character development. It deals with his inferiority complex and substance abuse issues that are so important to Harry's character and brings them to light right away.

My only complaint is that it all seems to be happening really quickly. I understand that the writers mapped out this season not knowing if it would be renewed so it makes sense to have Harry's arc develop over one season but it just seems a bit rushed to me. I will be very interesting to see how Norman takes this and eventually becomes the Green Goblin (you know he will!).

Plus, did you spot the Black Cat carrying a bag of money? Foreshadow for next week's episode!

And what is that mysterious black goo that seemed to come alive when Jameson got near? (It starts with a V and rhymes with denim.)

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  • Spectacular Spider-Man, Volume Three

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