Monday, May 12, 2008

X-Men: Evolution

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  • To begin a new millennium, Kids'WB produced a new X-Men series that focused on teenage versions of the characters. X-Men: Evolution took the classic characters back to high school and they learned about their powers and what it means to be a mutant.

    The series took a serial format, which took a darker tone in season three and four. Many classic X-Men stories were reworked to fit in this universe, while many new elements, including the popular X-23, made the show distinct and unique.

    After four seasons and 52 episodes, X-Men: Evolution came to a close. The entire series lasted long enough to establish and intriguing take on the X-Men, but not long enough to grow stale.

    Main Cast

    Beast - Michael Kopsa
    Cyclops - Kirby Morrow
    Jean Grey - Venus Terzo
    Nightcrawler - Brad Swaile
    Professor X - David Kaye
    Rogue - Meghan Black
    Shadowcat - Maggie Blue O'Hara
    Spyke - Neil Denis
    Storm - Kirsten Williamson
    Wolverine - Scott McNeil


    Angel - Mark Hildreth
    Berzerker - Tony Sampson
    Boom-Boom - Megan Leitch
    Callisto - Saffron Henderson
    Cannonball - Bill Switzer
    Captain America - David Hayter
    Forge - Samuel Vincent
    Havok - Matt Hill
    Iceman - Andrew Francis
    Jubilee - Chiara Zanni
    Magma - Alexandra Carter
    Moonstar - Tabitha St. Germain
    Multiple - David Kaye
    Nick Fury - Jim Byrnes, Hajime Iijima
    Sunspot - Michael Coleman
    Wolfsbane - Chantal Strand
    X-23 - Britt Irvin


    Apocalypse - David Kaye
    Avalanche - Christopher Grey
    Blob - Michael Dobson
    Bolivar Trask - John Novak
    Colossus - Michael Adamthwaite
    Gambit - Alessandro Juliani
    Gauntlet - Mark Gibbon
    Juggernaut - Paul Dobson
    Magneto - Christopher Judge
    Mastermind - Campbell Lane
    Mesmero - Ron Halder
    Mystique - Colleen Wheeler
    Omega Red - Richard Newman
    Pyro - Trevor Devall
    Quicksilver - Richard Ian Cox
    Sabretooth - Michael Donovan
    Scarlet Witch - Kelly Sheridan
    Senator Kelly - Dale Wilson
    Toad - Noel Fisher

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