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  • After several guest appearances since 1966 and a failed pilot in 1989, the X-Men finally get their chance to shine in their very own series in 1992. The series, which was modeled after Jim Lee's take on the mutants, was a huge success and helped Fox Kids become the number one network on Saturday morning.

    The show lasted five seasons, 76 episodes, retelling some of the greatest stories in X-Men history. Its animation, provided by a variety of Asian animation studios, gave the show its distinguished look with detailed drawings, unlike anything seen on Saturday morning at that time.

    Main Cast

    Beast - George Buza
    Cyclops - Norm Spencer
    Gambit - Chris Potter, Tony Daniels (season five)
    Jean Grey - Catherine Disher
    Jubilee - Alyson Court
    Professor X - Cedric Smith
    Rogue - Lenore Zann
    Storm - Iona Morris (season one), Alison Sealy-Smith
    Wolverine - Cal Dodd


    Annalee - Kay Tremblay
    Archangel - Stephen Ouimette
    Banshee - Jeremy Ratchford
    Bishop - Philip Akin
    Cable - Lawrence Bayne
    Colossus - Robert Cait
    Darkstar - Elizabeth Rukavina
    Forge - Marc Strange
    Illyana Rasputin - Tara Strong
    Leech - John Stocker
    Lillandra - Camilla Scott
    Longshot - Rod Wilson
    Moira McTaggart - Lally Cadeau
    Morph - Ron Rubin
    Ms. Marvel - Roscoe Handford
    Nightcrawler - Paul Haddad
    Northstar - Rene Lemieux
    Puck - Don Franks
    Quicksilver - Adrian Egan
    Sasquatch - Harvey Atkin
    Shaman - Don Franks
    Snowbird - Melissa Sue Anderson
    Sunder - Dan Hennessey
    Vindicator - Barry Flatman


    Amphibius - Peter McCowatt
    Apocalypse - John Colicos, James Blendick
    Avalanche - Rod Coneybeare
    Blob - Robert Calt
    Famine - Cathy Gallant
    Gorgeous George - Rod Wilson
    Henry Peter Gyrich - Barry Flatman
    Juggernaut - Rick Bennett
    Lady Deathstrike - Tasha Simms
    Magneto - David Hemblen
    Mastermold - David Fox
    Mister Sinister - Christopher Britton II
    Mystique - Randell Carpenter, Jennifer Dale
    Pestilence - Judy Marshak
    Pyro - Graham Halley
    Ruckus - Dan Hennessey
    Sabretooth - Don Franks
    Sentinels - David Fox
    Shadow King - Maurice Dean Wint
    Vertigo - Megan Smith
    War - James Millington

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