Monday, June 2, 2008

Group Therapy

Season: 1
Episode Number: 11
Season Episode Number: 11
Production Number: 111
Airdate: May 31, 2008

Writer: Andrew Robinson
Director: Jennifer Coyle

Voices: Josh Keaton (Spider-Man), Elisa Gabrielli (Dr. Ashly Kafka), Crispin Freeman (Electro), Peter MacNicol (Doctor Octopus), Clancy Brown (Rhino, Ox, Captain George Stacy), Robert Englund (Vulture), John DiMaggio (Sandman, Hammerhead), Phil LaMarr (Fancy Dan, Robbie Robertson), Jeff Bennett (Shocker), Deborah Strang (Aunt May), Benjanim Diskin (Eddie Brock), Kath Soucie (Anna Watson), Vanessa Marshall (Mary Jane Watson), Daran Norris (J. Jonah Jameson), Grey DeLisle (Betty Brant), Irene Bedard (Jean DeWolff).

Plot: Doctor Octopus arranges the escape from Ravencroft of Rhino, Shocker, Electro, Sandman, Vulture and himself in order to band together to take revenge on Spider-Man.

The Sinister Six start wrecking the town and Aunt May, who is nearby with her friend Anna Watson, collapses due to a heart attack. She is rushed to the hospital and Peter, who is fighting the Six, is too busy to notice the many people trying to reach him with this news.

Spider-Man, who has a new black suit that creates its own webbing and gives him super strength, takes down the Sinister Six after being lured into their trap. But the problem is, Peter doesn't remember doing any of it!

Meanwhile, Mary Jane joins Eddie for a spin on his bike and while on the ride it become evident that Eddie's friendship with Peter has come to an end due to Peter's lack of dedication and responsibility to his friends.

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): Teaming up the Sinister Six while Spidey has the black costume is a good move by the writers. This young, inexperienced Spider-Man could barely take down some of these villains on their own, let alone the six all at the same time. So giving Peter the advantage of the suit's strength makes the story more believable.

The action sequences in this episode are crazy! They are well written and well executed with quality animation.

It is really good to see these villains back again. Spider-Man has such a large rogues gallery that every episode could be a 'villain-of-the-week'. I'm looking forward to seeing more of them in individual guest star roles.

Eddie Brock, whose biker jacket is a nice Venom foreshadow, explains his history with Peter. His parents were friends/coworkers with Peter's parents who die together in a plane crash when they were young. Eddie and Peter have stayed friends throughout childhood. This origin is taken from Ultimate Spider-Man. In fact, much of Eddie's character is taken from Ultimate Spider-Man but Eddie's character design closer resembles his classic Marvel counterpart. It's a nice blend which gives Eddie's character more substance and more reason to hate Peter and become Venom.

This series has stayed solid since the beginning and this episode is the most action-packed yet. And I'm sure that the writers have even bigger things in store for the season finale.
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