Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Armored Adventures Rogues Gallery

A few pictures have been released of some of the more notable villains in Iron Man's rogues gallery. It looks like they are really hitting the technology angle hard with these designs. I think this is good for a few reasons: They will all look like they exist in the same world and armored characters are far easier to make look good in CGI than human characters.

I thought I would be fun to do a little compare and contrast. Below I've supplied you with the Armored Adventure designs alongside the versions of Mandarin, Whiplash (more commonly known as Backlash) and Blizzard from the 1994 version of Iron Man. Which designs are better? While the 1996 versions are taken straight out of the comics and may be considered a bit corny by today's standards, these new designs have a really cool modern look to them but are nothing like their comic counterparts. What do you think?

In other news, Iron, Forged in Fire, the two-part premiere of Armored Adventures, was shown at the San Diego Comic-Con and from what I can tell in the bloggosphere, the episodes were well received. That makes me hopeful.

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