Thursday, July 24, 2008

UPDATE: Batman Complete Series DVD Box Set!

Warner Home Video has announced the Batman: the Complete Animated Series DVD Box Set! This slick looking set will include all four volumes, 16 discs, of the series that have already been released including a bonus disc filled with new special features and a 40-page collector's booklet!

The collection will include all 107 episodes of Batman: the Animated Series, The Adventures of Batman and Robin and The New Batman Adventures and all of the bonus features and commentaries from the previous sets will be included in this set too. The three movies, however, will not be included.

The suggested retail price will be $107.92 and will hit the shelves on November 4th.

My question is will collectors really buy this even though we have bought all four of the previous volumes? I have a hard time justifying that even if package looks really cool.

UPDATE: New information from gives a better idea of the slipcover packaging and the back cover that will probably come lightly glued to the back.

The back cover comes with info about a new documentary that will be included on the bonus 17th disc called Shades of the Bat: Batman's Animated Evolution.

Also, there was a question about the audio and subtitles for this set. It looks like they will be the same as previously released. Volume 1-3 includes audio and subtitle tracks in English, French and Spanish and volume four includes audio in English and French and subtitles in English, French and Spanish. None of the bonus features will have alternate audio and subtitles.


Serge said...

Hi There,

Say, I discovered your site a few weeks back and I have to say that I love it! Its my major source for all the news on Superheroes-comics animation dvd
now and its great! :-)

Also, I have a question concerning this Item: Batman: the Complete Animated Series DVD Box Set!

Do you know if the dvd's will include French audio?!

Anyways, Bravo for your great site!


Kurtis said...

Hey Serge, thanks for your comments! It is for people like you that I run this site. Leave comments! Tell your friends!

It's only been live for a few months and I haven't promoted it yet so I'm happy to see that some people are still finding it.

As for the language tracks, I can only assume that since the disc content (episodes and bonus features) appear to be the same as the volume releases, the languages and subtitles will be the same too.

Here is what the volume releases have:

Volume 1, 2 and 3 have English, French and Spanish language tracks and subtitles. Volume 4 has English and French language tracks and English, French and Spanish subtitles. The bonus features do not contain alternate language or subtitle tracks.

If the complete series box set is any different I will let you know.

Serge said...

Hi Kurtis,

Many Thanks for your fast reply and infos, very appreciated! :-)

Concerning the audio in the box set, its great news and, not owning the previous boxes of the series, to me, this box set is pure gold. I cannot wait to get my hands on it!

Yep, i told all my friends about your great site (well, the friends that are maniacs like me, at least, hehe...) and I thank you for your great work and the great infos you provide!

Keep em coming! :-)