Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Black Panther Animated Series in 2009!

As if the San Diego Comic-Con isn't gonna be cool enough, wait until you hear this news!

Marvel has already announced a panel for a Spectacular Spider-Man season two sneak peek, a Hulk vs. Wolverine screening, a Next Avengers screening, an Iron Man: Armored Adventures screening, and a Wolverine and the X-Men screening, and now they reveal that there will be a panel and a sneak peek for the upcoming BLACK PANTHER ANIMATED SERIES!

You heard me right! The Black Panther is getting his own show after all these years of sitting on the sidelines! But that's not all: The series is set to air in the first quarter of 2009! That will be four shows that Marvel will have on the air! This brings me back to the glory days of 90s Marvel animation!

Black Panther will be produced by Reginald Hudlin who you may know as the filmmaker-turned-comic-book-writer who relaunched the character with artist John Romita Jr. in 2005.

Aside from being a comic book writer, Hudlin is the President of Entertainment of BET (Black Entertainment Television), a network that is partnering with Marvel to produce the show. It's a match made in heaven due to the heavy involvement Hudlin has with both parties.

Here is what Hudlin has to say about the project:
As a lifelong comic book reader, I didn't think anything could top the excitement of writing one of my favorite characters, the Black Panther. I'm so proud I've been able to maintain a successful run of the series over the past three years while keeping my 'day job' of programming a network. But now to have both of my worlds collide, to have a faithful adaptation of my own work as a prime time series on the network -- it's a dream come true. The Black Panther has always been an inspirational character to me, and now I get to share that inspiration with the widest audience he's ever had.

The series will be directly adapted from Hudlin's first story arc, Black Panther #1-6.

"What can I say? I'm just cooler than y'all."

The Black Panther is a very underused character in animation despite his ongoing popularity in the comic book world. His only two appearances have been as a guest star in the Fantastic Four episode Prey of the Black Panther and the direct to DVD feature Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Black Panther. I am super excited to bring you new news when I get it!

2009 is gonna be an awesome year!

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