Saturday, July 26, 2008

Brave and the Bold Trailer!

This is it! The first trailer for Batman: The Brave and the Bold as revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con yesterday! WATCH IT NOW!

If this doesn't get you excited I don't know what will. The show looks excellent. Great character designs, great animation, full of colour and action! I'm stoked!

There are a few articles for you to read alongside this trailer. The first one is with producers James Tucker and Linda M. Steiner, story editor Michael Jelenic and Toon Zone News.

This article is very interesting. It touches on the demographic of the show, the show's distinct 50s design, Batman guest stars (Jonah Hex, Deadman, Adam Strange and Kamandi), the use of Robin and Superman in the series, the use of humour in the series and much, much more.

Here's a snippet about the show's demographic:
TZN: Would you say that this show skews even younger than The Batman?

TUCKER: I don't know, I think it's probably about the exact level The Batman is, but it's just visually different. I mean, The Batman was designed for 6 to 11, and this is designed for 6 to 11.

JELENIC: A lot of people are saying on the Internet that it's geared towards pre-schoolers.

TUCKER: Bruce Timm was mis-quoted for that, by the way.

JELENIC: Yeah, that's not the case. I mean, pre-schoolers could probably enjoy the show, but at the same time, I'm fairly confident that adults can find as much charm out of the show as, you know, as the 4-year olds.

The second article is with Tucker and voice director Andrea Romano and Superherohype. Tucker on Batman: B&B's look:
Basically, the look I wanted for this show was to emphasize the old school, comic book art look (notice I didn't say graphic novel) or rather comics before they got overly sophisticated and airbrushed. I wanted the look of off-set printing on newsprint. So the look of the show is more streamlined, with a thicker hand inked look to it. My influences were primarily the major '40s and '50s Batman artist, Dick Sprang - with a bit of Jack Kirby's dynamism thrown in. I originally storyboarded a Dick Sprang inspired segment in a "Batman: New Adventures" episode called "Legends of the Dark Knight." It was so much fun that I always said if I ever got tapped to do a Batman-based series of my own, that would be the visual angle I wanted to use. I'm grateful that DC comics, Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network had the faith to let me do it.


Anonymous said...

looks like its geared for a younger audience but the comic book geek in me will watch it and buy when it comes out on dvd

tomztoyz said...

Oh man, this cartoon looks amazing! I seriously love the retro-style artwork. I can't wait!!

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Thanks, Tommy