Wednesday, July 9, 2008

First Look at Wonder Woman

Yesterday saw the release of Batman: Gotham Knight on DVD and the first thing I did after purchasing the disc was watch the ten minute sneak peek of the Wonder Woman animated feature that is coming February 2009.

The special doesn't really give anything away plot-wise, except that this will be her origin story. It has been reported that it will be based on George PĂ©rez's version of her origin as told in his Gods and Mortals story arc when he relaunched the character in 1987.

The featurette doesn't show us any animation but it does give us a look at the dynamic storyboards and animatics. It also gives us a flavour of the voice acting as well as interviews with the cast a crew talking about Wonder Woman's origin, character and impact on pop culture. Nothing new for fans of the character. Bruce Timm did say, however, that he thinks this will be the best DC Universe Original Animated Movie yet!

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