Friday, July 4, 2008

The Hobgoblin has Arrived!

It appears that Morningstar has released Spider-Man - The Hobgoblin a few weeks early in retail stores. Last week I saw it in HMV and yesterday I saw it in Chapters Bookstore which certainly means it can be found in other retail chains as well. Amazon still has the July 8 release date.

A look at the back cover reveals that the feature is only 35 minutes instead of 55 minutes as previously reported. This probably means that only two episodes of the 94 Spider-Man series are included on this disc, Hobgoblin, Parts 1 & 2.

Even though there are only two episodes on this disc, I would recommend picking it up because these are two of the best episodes in the series and they have not been released on DVD before this. The Hobgoblin was made to be a cool villain with much more sinister schemes than the Green Goblin who didn't show up until season three. Plus, Mark Hamill as the Hobgoblin is just plain awesome.

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