Friday, July 11, 2008

Iron Man: Armored Adventures Trailer!

This week we've seen a trailer for Hulk vs. Wolverine and Wonder Woman. Can the week get any better? YES IT CAN!

Here is the first trailer for Marvel's Iron Man: Armored Adventures, an animated series coming to television in 2009. Like Wolverine and the X-Men it will be aired on Nicktoons. No word on if the UK is getting it first.

This will be the second time we will see a Marvel or DC series or movie in 100% CGI. The first being Spider-Man: the New Animated Series by Mainframe Entertainment that was shown on MTV.

Not much is known about the series so far, except that the first season is 26 episodes long and will be animated by France's Method Films. The style looks very similar to Mainframe Entertainment's Spider-Man series whose characters' movements often seemed quite stiff. Since this is series is produced on a television budget, we won't be seeing the characters move as fluidly as in a Pixar movie, but it looks good enough to peak my interest.

Based on previous reports and this trailer, it looks like the series will feature a teenage Tony Stark. And why not? The teen X-Men in X-Men: Evolution was a big hit, as is the teenage Peter Parker in Spectacular Spider-Man. I think it will be a fresh approach to the Iron Man mythology. We also get to see Jim Rhodes and the Mandarin in this trailer.

Any thoughts on this?


Chip Chief said...

iron boy looks ok, but i am not sold yet.

Anonymous said...

I'm a part of its making :)
and i'm working hard. so its gonna rock.

Kurtis said...

Great! I'm glad to hear that the people working on the project are excited about it. That's always good news.