Thursday, July 10, 2008

Weisman Talks About Spectacular Season Two

Spider-Man Crawl Space has posted some snippets of an interview with Spectacular Spider-Man producer Greg Weisman from the Gathering of the Gargoyles convention. The interview gives us a bit of info on season two as well as some interesting information on behind the scenes of season one. Below are some of the more interesting points. Please visit the site for the rest.

  • The opening theme was originally intended to be an update to the 1960s cartoon's theme, but the rights were too expensive. So a theme song with the same sort of energy was sought out instead. Greg sent out potential lyrics to all the prospective musicians, but the final musicians didn't use them. There were actually four finalists, and they wanted to put the ones that didn't win on the DVDs, but they weren't allowed.

  • Greg and company can use anything from the Spider-Man corner of the Marvel Universe, but nothing outside it. This is why Kingpin wasn't used in Season 1. Although Greg would like to use the Kingpin, he can't really complain about getting an interesting character out of the Big Man.

  • There are DVDs of the first season on the way, but each of the four blocks of episodes will be edited together into sort-of movies. The upside is that each "movie" will contain footage not aired on TV. Greg and Vic Cook want to record a commentary track, but they haven't. If a proper season set is released, it's unclear if the additional footage will be included.

  • Season 1 takes place in September to November of Peter's junior year. Season 2 takes place in December to March of his junior year.

  • Season 2 will be 13 episodes long. There have been some issues with story length in this season. Black Cat will return in Season 2, as will Harry Osborn. One episode will deal with questions about how Peter gets his photos. The Tinkerer (played by Thom Adcox) will appear in episode #14.

  • Greg hasn't heard any confirmation of Season 3, and he's worried he might have to move on to another job before they decide to make it. (He'd happily do another decade's worth of seasons.) Season 3 would include Hobgoblin.

  • And while I'm on the subject, here is the cover art for the first Spectacular Spider-Man DVD release called Attack of the Lizard. It will include the "movie version" of the first three episode and will be released on September 9th.

    This movie is also supposed to be in widescreen which is, I think, the way the show is produced but aired in full frame format. So that, along with the new footage, is also a treat.

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