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When Monsters Meet

Season: 1
Episode Number: 4
Season Episode Number: 4
Production Number: 100_04
Airdate: October 9, 1982

Writer: Arthur Brownie, Jr.

Voices: Michael Bell (Bruce Banner), Bob Holt (The Hulk), B.J. Ward (Betty Ross), Stanley Ralph Ross (Quasimodo).

Plot: Bruce and Betty are visiting the romantic city of Paris to attend a meeting at the Academy of Science. Betty also has a secret meeting with the Minister of Finance about a large shipment of gold that partially belongs to the USA.

While visiting Notre Dame, a great, great, great, great ancestor of Quasimodo with the same name spies a gold key around the neck of Betty Ross. He identifies the key as an exact copy of the one held by the Minister of Finance.

Bruce and Betty visit a French scientist who gives Bruce a possible cure to his Hulk problem. As they are leaving, Quasimodo kidnaps Betty in order to get the Minister's gold. Bruce follows them into the sewer and then gets really angry!

The Hulk is unleashed and takes his anger out on Quasimodo! During the battle, Betty escapes and flees to safety. When the Hulk calms down, he is confronted by Quasimodo about the cure that he holds. The hunchback explains that he has looked ugly all his life and that the cure would mean he would have to steal ever again!

Banner realizes that he only has to be the Hulk a part of the time, unlike Quasimodo who is a full-time hunchback. Bruce gives him the cure, Quasimodo turns normal and all is forgiven.

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): There are a few thing that are great about When Monsters Meet. Unfortunately, that is it as far as great things are concerned. This series as a whole is filled with shoddy animation, trite stories and campy music and dialogue. Perfect for nostalgia, but lame for anything else.

Great thing #1: Stan Lee's narration. Stan Lee, the grandfather of Marvel Comics and the creator of the Hulk, must have been super excited to be the narrator of this series. He brings a level of excitement that other narrators can not.

Great thing #2: The fact that Bruce regains his clothing when the Hulk changes back into Bruce Banner. This may not seem like a great thing but it is one of the only things this series is remembered for.

Great thing #3: The score. Every version of The Incredible Hulk must be paired with a great score with lots of drums and thundering trumpets.

Other than that, this episode is a bit on the boring side. The Hulk gets to fight twice in this episode but the battles mainly consist of chasing Quasimodo all over the place.

And speaking of Quasimodo, why was he the villain in this episode? There are plenty of villains that could have fit into this catagory. Abomination, the Gorgon, and Absorbing Man could have fit into this story. Or even a villain from another series could have done the job. Sandman, for instance.

I don't know if there are any better episodes in this series as this is the only one I have seen. I'm hoping that there are, but since this was a cartoon produced in the 80s, an era of cheaply made cartoons, I'm not holding my breath.

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