Thursday, August 14, 2008

DC Animated Features Upcoming Rumours!

Steve Hulett at the Animation Guild Blog notes what he saw while visiting Warner Bros. Animation last week.

Over at Warner Bros. Batman: Brave and the Bold clicks along with its series order. Two video features, Green Lantern and Public Enemies, are also in the production pipeline.

Could this be a hint about the next two direct-to-DVD DC Universe Original Movies? It makes sense! Green Lantern is an A-list heroes who, much like Wonder Woman, has never really been featured in animation. The question everyone will be asking will be "Which Lantern?" I would guess Hal Jordan to give the character its proper origin with other Lanterns being featured in future releases.

In fact, I would love to see a Gotham Knight style movie with several vignettes, each focusing on a different Green Lantern. That would be fun.

Public Enemies refers to the first story arc from the popular Batman/Superman comic book. The story, written by Jeff Loeb and illustrated by Ed McGuiness, has President Lex Luthor claiming that a giant kryptonite asteroid heading straight for Earth is part of an evil plot by Superman. Luthor offers a one billion dollar bounty for the capture of Superman which has all the villains interested.

This story is really great and would make an awesome movie! Let's hope this is not just speculation, but reality!

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Chip Chief said...

nice scoop. hope you are right though i would prefer kingdom come to public enemies.