Friday, August 29, 2008

Lego Batman: the Animated Series?!

Now here's an interesting news story: Warner Bros Animation is developing a few new Batman projects for the new year. We will already be treated to Batman: The Brave and the Bold and the word is that the Batman/Superman story Public Enemies will be made into a direct-to-dvd feature film, but now there has been word of a new animated Batman project in the works:

Lego Batman!

You heard me right! The popular toy line-turned-videogame is being made into a 20 minute animated special! It is unclear at this time whether the special will be televised, online or direct-to-dvd. This is all very early buzz and we probably won't get an actual announcement from Warner Bros until early 2009. But doesn't this sound like fun?

Also, two other tidbits to get your mojo working: A solo Batman animated feature is in early pre-production as well as an online Plastic Man series!

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Chip Chief said...

What do you think about Public Enemies? I like the Superman/Batman comics, but there is not too much substance to the stories. Maybe that is good for a short adaptation... I don't know, I could probably think of a half dozen Batman Superman team up stories I would rather see.