Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wolverine & the X-Men MIA on BBC2?

So it turns out that the reason the first episode of Wolverine and the X-Men hasn't appeared anywhere online is that the BBC2 apparently didn't air the show as scheduled on August 2nd.

According to the forums, BBC2 never had it on the schedule for August 2 and nobody knows when/if it will be rescheduled. This had greatly upset the many fans who have been eagerly awaiting this series, especially after the very positive response from the San Diego Comic-Con screening.

The most upset are the Brits who were so excited to actually have a show debut in the UK before the US!

One rumour is that the series will air in September or later in the fall to lessen the gap between the UK and the US premieres so that bootlegging will be at a minimum (yeah, that'll happen).

All I know is that there is no sense in getting mad at anyone. Just be patient. It'll air here soon enough.

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