Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Heroes of Tomorrow are Here Today!

Today is the day that may determine the fate of the Marvel Animated Features. Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow hits all major retail outlets today.

After underwhelming sales from the Doctor Strange DVD that came out a year ago, Lionsgate is hoping to see better results with Next Avengers. Lionsgate's contract with Marvel states that they can pull out at any time if they feel that the movies are not meeting their expectations.

Basically, if this DVD sells well, we'll see more movies. 'Nuff Said.

I will play my part and pick up this film, not because I want to see Next Avengers 2, but because I want to see a bright future for Marvel animated movies!

Also out today are the Blu-ray versions of Next Avengers and Invincible Iron Man, plus a value DVD double feature that includes Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman and Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.

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