Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hindsight, Part Two

Season: 1
Episode Number: 2
Season Episode Number: 2
Production Number: 102
Airdate: September 13, 2008

Writer: Greg Johnson, Craig Kyle
Director: Steve Gordon

Voices: Steve Blum (Wolverine), A.J. Buckley (Toad), Stephen Stanton (Blob), Mark Hildreth (Quicksilver), Richard Doyle (Senator Kelly), Jim Ward (Warren Worthington II), Liam O'Brien (Angel), Kieren van den Blink (Rogue), Fred Tatasciore (Beast), Gwendoline Yeo (Domino), James Patrick Stuart (Avalanche), Nolan North (Cyclops), Yuri Lowenthal (Iceman), Danielle Judovits (Shadowcat).

Plot: Senator Kelly reveals his new method of capturing mutants: A giant robot scorpion he calls the Sentinel Prowler. Mutantkind is not happy with this and the Brotherhood of Mutant intend to do something about it. Now Wolverine and the X-Men are face with the difficult task of saving Senator Kelly, a man that they greatly dislike, from the Brotherhood of Mutants.

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): Now this is more like it! The show really kicks it up a notch with this episode. And now know what is going on with the mutant hunting: The Mutant Registration Act.

It is nice to see a story that stems from current comic storylines rather than bringing us a story that has already been redone to death. And it makes sense - if any kids are fans of the X-Men comics, they will be in the thick of all the Registration stuff that's going on right now. So these will be the stories that this generation of comic book fans will want to see. That's why Emma Frost will be on this team and has her diamond powers, that's why they're in their new costumes and that's why we'll see lot of new characters like X-23 and other Young X-Men.

This is the second part of a three-part episode that deals with Wolverine collecting the X-Men after a year of being disbanded. The characters in this show are well written and react the way I would expect them too. At one point, Wolverine doesn't think he should be the leader of the team. A nice touch as most of us fans don't think he should be leading the team either. So it is a journey that we get to experience with Wolverine.

I really like the character designs of this series. Each character has been streamlined to make the animation a lot easier. This also is easier on the eyes unlike the 90s X-Men series which had shadows on the characters that jumped around all over the place. I especially like the designs of the Blob, Domino and Avalanche who look great in this series.

And speaking of Domino, it is a nice touch having her be on the Brotherhood. A great nod to her bounty hunter past that often gets neglected.

This second episode really ups the action and story to a point where I am hooked. After a mediocre first episode, it is really great to see Wolverine and the X-Men showing its true colours.

DVD Releases:
  • Wolverine and the X-Men, The Complete First Season (Canada Exclusive)
  • Wolverine and the X-Men: Heroes Return Trilogy

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    Mr. Allison Blaire said...

    I enjoyed both episodes but they both felt like nothing but build-up to me. The show's great though, I just can't wait until we really get down to the knitty gritty.

    Anonymous said...

    Rogues like the 90's style version and I liked it better when she's on the good side.

    Anonymous said...

    well she had a big butt like the 90s.

    Orphen said...

    I think that this three parter truly needs to be watched at the same time. And that is why the first part didn't seem that great, cause it was just starting the ground work for the series. This episode did a good job at trying to assemble the X-Men. I was not very familiar with Domino, but I do like her, specially later in the series and in the commentaries where they talk about her.