Friday, September 12, 2008

I Finally Bought Next Avengers

It took me three days to track down a copy of Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow but I finally found a copy and promptly handed over my money.

I went to two Best Buys, a Futureshop, HMV and Superstore and no one had this movie out for sale on Wednesday, September 9 when it was supposed to be released or the next two days. When I asked a staff member at about the DVD at each location, no one even knew what I was talking about. It wasn't until yesterday (Thursday) that someone finally found one in the store room (not out for sale) for me to buy.

I really hope this is only the case in the few stores in Vancouver that the movie was not out for sale (and I hope those stores are putting out their copies soon), otherwise it will seriously hurt the numbers, and you know how picky Lionsgate is about numbers.


Chip Chief said...

After all of my skepticism, I feel that I should say, this didnt suck. While I still am partial to Superman Doomsday and New Frontier, this was a good entry from Marvel and given the kiddie angle, a pleasant surprise. I look forward to your thoughts.

Mr. Allison Blaire said...

I like this one a great deal

I even think Pym is funny

Orphen said...

My brother refused and to this day still refuses to watch this film. I bought it the day it came out. It was better than I had anticipated overall. It told an interesting re-imagining type of story that I found kind of refreshing for the old characters and their new ones in my opinion.