Thursday, September 25, 2008

Invasion of the Beetle-Men

Season: 1
Episode Number: 1
Season Episode Number: 1
Production Number: Unknown
Airdate: Unknown

Writer: George Kashdan
Director: Hal Sutherland

Voices: Pat Harrington, Jr. (Atom), Ted Knight (Narrator)

Plot: Strange Beetle-Men from outer space ride a tiny meteor to Earth and set out to destroy all of the Earth's atomic pile in order to make the planet ripe for invasion. It's up to the Atom to save the planet from these buggy aliens!

Review (Warning! Spoilers!): At the time of this airing, the Atom was a relatively new character having debuted in Showcase 31 in 1961. The Silver Age of comics had just begun and the Atom was one of the more popular heroes, a perfect addition to the line up of heroes in the Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure.

This episode is the first of three seven-minute episodes staring the Tiny Titan and it does a great job introducing this hero to the world. His character, costume and powers are all faithful to the comic books, and the inclusion of the alien Beetle-Men is a classic sci-fi touch that Filmation often includes in their stories.

Like most Filmation shows, the main bulk of the story is told through narration, but the narration is somewhat necessary to convey the information due to the studios limited animation techniques. But the animation holds up, giving us a very entertaining story in a perfect amount of time.

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