Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Wolverine Character Designs

Here is some more Wolverine and the X-Men news. Is anyone getting tired of this show yet? Not me!

I found a few character designs for the show that feature the cast for some upcoming episodes. The lineup pictured above features Nick Fury (Ultimates version), Bruce Banner, Wolverine and the Hulk from the show's seventh episode, Wolverine vs. the Hulk.

It looks like Weapon X will be the focus of an upcoming episode. This lineup features Wolverine, Maverick, Mystique, X-23, a Weapon X agent and Dr. Cornelius.

UPDATE: Eagle-Man suggests that the "Weapon X agent" could actually be Maverick's modern alias, Agent Zero.

The fourth episode, Overflow, takes the team to Africa. Here you see Emma Frost, Storm in her African attire and the Shadow King.

Now this one is a little more tricky. I'm not too sure who some of these mutants are. Could the first one be Proteus? The little girl could be Layla? I'm not sure who the two dressed in M and 1 suits are. But I do know that the next girl is Blink (one of my favourite characters) and Juggernaut.

Let em know if you can identify any of these mutants!

UPDATE: Eagle-Man has let me know that the two in the M and 1 suits could be the Kleinstock Brothers who are three that can merge into one.

UPDATE: Treebs has identified the little girl as Tilde Soames, a little girl whose nightmares come to life. The big pink guy? Yeah, that's her nightmare.


Eagle-Man said...

The Weapon X agent could be Agent Zero, but that would be kind of strange because he's Mavrick...or maybe he's just an agent.

The M/1 Person is dressed like an Acolyte, so upon some digging, it looks like they could be the Kleinstock Brothers. These 3 brothers (numbered 1, 2 and 3?) can apparently merge together, gaining superstrength and durability, and Wikipedia says that they've been confirmed for Wolvie & the X-Men. Maybe the big one is the merged form (M for merged???) and the numbered ones are the separate brothers. Also, one of the brothers died in the comics. I wonder if they'll have 2 or 3 here.

And the girl could be Layla. She does have a facination with butterflies.

The red guy looks very familiar for some reason. I'm thinking Proteus too.

Also, some guy (Acolyte) named Kamal is supposedly confirmed for the show, but I can't find a picture of him anywhere.

Tirone said...

Oh my goodness. Blink? That is amazing. I loved her in the AoA. X-23? Yahoo!

I am already so excited about this series and it just keeps looking more and more promising.

Treebs said...

I reckon the little girl is Tildie Soames and the big pink guy is her nightmare that killed her folks. She's the mutant they used to find the cure in Astonishing X-Men...


Eagle-Man said...

Ah. I knew that pink thing looked familiar.

Anonymous said...

The little girl's name is Tilde Soames and the red monster is what she becomes when she gets scared or angry except it is alot bigger, rogue is probably the only person tht can beat her because she combined shadowcat's and juggernaut's mutant abilities 2gether and she disabled Tildie's power and took her back to the mansion