Monday, September 8, 2008

Wolverine and the X-Men

While Wolverine and the X-Men aired in Latin American countries first, this episode guide reflects the English premiere air dates. Season one aired first in Canada on YTV, but was surpassed by CBBC who aired episodes 20-26 ahead of YTV.

Season One

Ep #Episode TitleProd #Airdate
1Hindsight, Part One101September 6, 2008
2Hindsight, Part Two102September 13, 2008
3Hindsight, Part Three103September 20, 2008
4Overflow104September 27, 2008
5Theives Gambit105October 4, 2008
6X-Calibre106October 11, 2008
7Wolverine vs. the Hulk107October 18, 2008
8Time Bomb108November 1, 2008
9Future X109November 8, 2008
10Greetings from Genosha110November 15, 2008
11Past Discretions111November 22, 2008
12eXcessive Force112November 29, 2008
13Battle Lines113January 10, 2009
14Stolen Lives114January 17, 2009
15Hunting Grounds115January 24, 2009
16Badlands116January 31, 2009
17Code of Conduct117February 7, 2009
18Backlash118February 21, 2009
19Guardian Angel119 February 28, 2009
20Breakdown120March 4, 2009
21Rover121 March 5, 2009
22Aces & Eights122 March 6, 2009
23Shades of Grey123 March 9, 2009
24Foresight, Part One124 March 10, 2009
25Foresight, Part Two125 March 11, 2009
26Foresight, Part Three126 March 12, 2009

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Anonymous said...


Love the site. I'm another big fan of superhero cartoons and I look forward to seeing where this goes. I especially love the episode guides and the fact you point out who is in each episode.


Anonymous said...

how come all the episodes already came out in portugies and not english?

Kurtis said...

Because the station that aired them in Brazil decided to do it months ago. They didn't want to wait around for the English countries to start airing English episodes.

Plus, it aired five days a week which meant they got through the 26 episodes really fast.

Emma said...

um excuse me .... i feel rather stupid asking this seeing as you probably don't know but.... um when is the next season coming out ... please hurry and respond .. i am growing really anxious

Kurtis said...

The second season has not been scheduled yet, but this website will let you know as soon as I find out!

Michael said...

Well the show was good while it lasted, so Danielle Judovits, Steve Blum, hope you guys can find another place where you can use your talents.