Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Zeta Project DVD in 2009!

Warner Home Video held their annual Home Theater Forum chat on Monday. And while the chat covered every television to DVD question under the sun, there were a few tidbits about superhero animation that are of great importance.

The Batman Beyond spin-off series The Zeta Project will be released in 2009! This is great news for fans who have been asking for the show's two seasons on DVD for years! However, the chat doesn't reveal how these DVDs will be released. Will they be season sets or a single disc release containing four or five episodes? Time will tell. And after time tells me, I'll tell you!

The Zeta Project was a short lived animated series from 2001-2002. There was even a Batman Beyond/Zeta Project crossover, the first episode of which has been released on Batman Beyond - Season Three. Now fans can see how the story ends!

The voice of Zeta is none other than the upcoming voice of Batman for Brave and the Bold, Diedrich Bader.

Other news from the chat: WHV plans to release all of the DC Comics animation library. This includes the rest of the Super Friends seasons, the Ruby/Spears Superman and the rest of the Filmation seasons.

WHV also hinted at a complete series collection for Superman: the Animated Series, a Batman: Mask of the Phantasm special edition and Batman: the Animated Series on Blu-ray.

And here is some other news that is not Marvel or DC related but that I am super excited about: Powerpuff Girls - the Complete Series and remastered classic MGM theatrical shorts collections! I think I just pooed a little in my pants.

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